Sunday, June 23, 2013

1500cc Honda CRZ price of Rp 475 million

1500cc Honda CRZ price of Rp 475 million - Honda CRZ is the latest car from Honda Indonesia, this car is a mix between a car economy (ECO) with 1500cc sports car, the Honda CR-Z 2 armed with electric and petrol engine makes this car is absolutely perfect as a car tough sport and fuel-efficient. Honda CRZ has three driving modes that can be used based on the wishes of the driver can also be adapted to track the pass, the third mode between
Another "normal mode" is used for the daily commute, "Sport mode" driving that require great strength as speed and high acceleration, the third is the "ECO mode" is a fuel-saving mode / where the use of environmentally friendly eco mode will make cars are more sensitive to the use of fuel inefficient, indicator ECO / ECO Assist also pinned speed meter CR-Z which will serve to remind drivers how to drive better.
Honda CR-Z is available in two transmission options namely manual transmission (6-speed) and automatic transmission (CVT), the New Honda CR-Z manual is priced at 475 million dollars while the price of CRZ automatic Rp. 489 million. For power generated New Honda CRZ Manual is 120 ps while the CR-Z Maximum power of 118 Ps Automatic, power difference is a result of 2 Ps buried CVT transmission that is going to reduce the acceleration of the car but the added convenience in driving the CR-Z's automatic .

New Honda CRZ using i-Vtec engine 1500cc with additional battery power engine with a maximum power of 20 hp which is often referred to as IMA (Integrated Motor Assist), is embedded into the two technologies in one machine which have 2 sources of electrical power and the premium. Excellence combines an electric motor and gasoline engine car has 2 options are power source (electricity and gas), electric motor has the advantage of speed-acceleration-without pollution subtle vibrations while the gasoline engine has the advantage of resistance to facing the field. At start car cr-z will use battery power / electricity where electricity use has acceleration / traction much faster than gasoline, at a speed of 40 Km / h New Honda CRZ will change driving with gasoline engines

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