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daihatsu lack ayla excess price and specification

daihatsu lack ayla excess price and specification

Daihatsu Toyota re-issued with the twin car daihatsu and toyota Agya ayla, both introduced yesterday in the international motor show in Jakarta Indonesia in 2012. Carrying the concept of efficient car they came out in the twin city car type, Daihatsu launched ayla immediately received tremendous response from the Indonesian automotive enthusiasts since the release of 75 million cars city car is not suspected at all. Cheapest city car with a price of 75 million on the road is carrying the 1000cc 3-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 65 hp at engine speed 6000 rpm with maximum torque of 8.7 kgm at 3600 rpm, acceleration Daihatsu Ayla has 15 seconds to reach the speed of 100 km / h and consumption
1:22 These be the fuel most economical car in the Indonesian automotive exhibition 2012.

Daihatsu Ayla as a modern city car it has adopted the latest technology, have been buried with a proven automatic transmission, power steering, power windows, EFI fuel supply system, alloy wheels, which makes this car seem not cars under 100 million. Aggressive exterior design really makes consumers fooled so guess this car class with the Honda Brio, Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz, who thought that if the car ayla sold only at a price of 75 million dollars for the lowest version (Ayla D) and 100 million for the highest version (Ayla X). Now avanza xenia success as twin MPV car a million people will be followed also by Ayla-Agya success as a twin city car.

The exterior dimensions of the car is not quite long ayla (relatively small) only has a length of 3.58 m with 4.4 m turning radius, though small but ayla car has a maximum passenger capacity of five people despite optimal passenger capacity is 4 people daihatsu ayla . Daihatsu ayla available in 3 variants namely D Ayla Daihatsu, Daihatsu Daihatsu Ayla Ayla M and X with the lowest variance occupied by type D Ayla, Ayla occupied by the medium variant of the type M and most luxurious version owned by Ayla type X. To 3 variants ayla has the same engine that uses machine 1 KR-DE using a 3 cylinder with a cylinder capacity of 1000 cc, while the difference between the type ayla more on the features brought among other features airbags, audio, wheels, transmission, air conditioning, power window and power steering.
Features Ayl

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