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Car Engine Oil SAE and Oil Quality

Car Engine Oil SAE and Oil Quality

Engine oil is liquid / fluid in the machine that serves to protect the machine when working, support engine performance and avoid damage to the engine when the engine is running. Engine oil today is classified into 3 visits of material for the manufacture of oil and mineral processing, oil semi-synthetic and synthetic oil to the explanation of the three types of oil can be seen in the article chose motor oil.

Function of engine oil on Car / Motorcycle
* Oil will lubricate the engine (lubricating) oil as the lubricant will work to minimize friction between the metal (engine components) so that movement becomes smooth engine / little resistance, oil will also prevent friction between the components that are too rough that could damage the engine engine parts.
* Functions as a protective engine oil, oil not only protects the engine from friction between the components in the machine but also protects the engine from corrosion (rust), the function of oil here prevents oxidation on engine components and eliminates hot metal by chemical reactions during combustion which can lead to corrosion of the components.
* Function as cleaning oil, dirt can enter through the sidelines of the ring and going on combustion engine that produces crust, crust or dirt will be dissolved by oil (solvent impurities) or mixed with oil which will then be disposed of with oil when the engine oil change.
* The function of oil as engine coolant, the heat caused by combustion in the combustion chamber will creep into the machine, in addition to the heat caused by friction between the components in the engine also adds to the temperature inside the machine. Oil as a coolant to flow on the surface of the components inside the machine to further bring the heat to the oil reservoir for the next heat will be discharged with the air flowing oil shelters. As the oil cooler play a huge role in keeping the car components in good standing, the heat is too high (over heat) will damage the components inside the machine which can chemically damage the metal bond and can cause expansion fisikawi on engine components.
Viscosity / Viscosity Oil
Oil viscosity oil deals with the ability to work in extreme temperatures, oil is oil that has excellent viscosity stable / resilient to low temperatures (cold) and high temperature (heat), this capability will be very supportive to oil above 4 functions. Oil level resistance to temperature i

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