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Daihatsu Ayla 75 million most inexpensive city car

Daihatsu Ayla 75 million most inexpensive city car

Daihatsu and Toyota Agya Ayla is similar to the twin car avanza xenia and issued by Daihatsu and Toyota in 2012, almost simultaneously with brio honda city car honda issued ECO and eco city car Mitsubishi mirage issued mitsubishi cheap, as if not wanting to miss the The same day of the release of the daihatsu mitsubishi mirage with toyota
working together to introduce new products with the concept kermbar efficient cars with cheap affordable price.
Ayla car using machine type 1 KRD-E with an engine capacity of 1000cc 3 cylinder engine wear, the system either manual transmission or 5-speed automatic transmission wear, do not have to worry about this because the 1000cc power Ayla Ayla has a maximum power of 65 hp at 6000 rpm (equivalent power kia picanto 1200 cc), to measure the power of ECO car was pretty good what else only use 3-cylinder engine with a cylinder capacity of 1000cc. This car has the acceleration being able to reach speeds of 100 km / h from 0 km / h in 15 seconds, well less responsive where most of the city car that can reach speeds within 10-11 seconds just call honda jazz.

Ayla Daihatsu car has a passenger capacity of 4 people and the optimal maximum passenger capacity of 5 people and has an empty weight of less than 750 kg. Daihatsu dimensions Alya is not enough just 3580 mm long and has a turning radius is only 4400 mm, small dimensions makes it easier for owners who do not have ample parking space as patio homes, owners are also more able to freely pass through the narrow street.

Price Daihatsu Alya,
Daihatsu Ayla sold at the cheapest price in the city car class which is only 75 million, cheap city car concept was made deliberately negate minimalist features AC and Audio and use the manual transmission only to minimize production cost, the cheapest variant is ayla ayla type D ( lowest variance) which type of air conditioning and audio ayla D can be added by the owner when the owner wants it of course also have to have money to membelin

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