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Toyota Agya price below 100 million

Toyota Agya price below 100 million

Toyota Agya is a new flagship car city car, issued in the Indonesian International Motor Show 2012 in Jakarta Toyota Agya is the most preferred car, at a price below 100 million price range of 80 million lowest variance Agya and Rp.110 million for the highest variance Agya toyota made cars The many
targeted buyers. Agya car itself is claimed as a fast car as the name Agya which in Sanskrit means the fast, this car also earned the nickname of environmentally friendly low-cost car (LCGC) from the Indonesian government.
Toyota Agya using 1 KR engine with a cylinder capacity of 1000cc, 3 cylinder DOHC wear with the fuel supply system EFI injection (fuel injection). Toyota Agya the face similar to the twin daihatsu ayla but the price difference makes the car's 5-10 million dibenami features more than Daihatsu Ayla call it safety features like SRS airbags and seatbelts are embedded starting from the lowest version of the Toyota Agya and use of the transmission system the automatic variant Agya terandah toyota.

Agya car has a maximum passenger capacity of 5 people, while the optimal capacity passenger cars are 4 people means that this car can be filled in 5 passengers but would be comfortable if the only climbed by 4 passengers only. Toyota Agya was wide with the support of the 5-door that will allow passengers in and out of the car to carry luggage, Toyota Agya also provides a small trunk behind the second row seats to put luggage so neat and remain comfortable.
Dimension / City Car car design is not too big / long-term, this car is only about 3580 mm and a width of 1600 mm. Not too long but do not imagine this car felt tight because the fact still felt roomy passenger in the car Agya, this is because the cabin has been designed to save space (use space as effectively as possible to enlarge the blank space).
Toyota Agya has 3 variants namely Agya type E (medium grade), Agya type G (high grade) and Agya type TRD-S. Varian teringgi Toyo

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