Sunday, June 23, 2013

Panther Grand Touring GTR Isuzu Panther Variants TOP

Panther Grand Touring GTR Isuzu Panther Variants TOP

Isuzu Panther is an MPV car (family car) which has a passenger capacity of 8 to 9 adult passengers, these cars first came out in 1991 until 2012 and is still produced a special choice for MPV type car. Armed with a diesel engine that featured the ability to carry heavy loads with long track is the lead car's panther. Various issues mentioned that isuzu panther will be replaced with the 2012 MU7 not proven,
Isuzu panther remains dominant in the air MPV cars cruising high by issuing Panther Touring variant is more aggressive and be conquerors heavy fields or track length.

Isuzu Panther itself is divided into 4 generations where the first generation came out in 1991 using 2300 cc engine with a carburetor fuel supply with production code TBR 52, the second generation came out in 1996 with a production code of TBR 54 using 2500 cc engine with diesel fuel supply system direct injection. Isuzu Panther 3rd generation came out in 2000 with the production code TBR 541 2,500 cc direct injection engine, the 3rd generation of this variant panther has been out touring, adventure trips aimed ground clearance of the car made it higher at 18 cm to be able to pass through flooded terrain.
Isuzu panther 4th generation appeared in 2009 on the generation of better known by generations facelift, using the latest technology that is different from the transmission system isuzu panther who already use automatic transmission / matic transmission / automatic, exhaust emissions reduction, improved engine performance, savings fuel consumption and improvement in the car's exterior design / concept car adventure, in 2009 it also introduced isuzu panther facelift grand touring (GTR), Panther deer innova GTR competitor in the market fighting Innova MPV own middle class which is the most luxurious variant of the Toyota Kijang .

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