Sunday, June 23, 2013

Carrying Mitsubishi Mirage 1200 cc engine

Carrying Mitsubishi Mirage 1200 cc engine - Mitsubishi Mirage is a city car / hatchback is economical with a 1200 cc engine output Mitsubishi Indonesia (KTB) 20 september 2012, mitsubishi mirage itself has been marketed in the world with the concept of efficient cars. Mitsubishi Mirage has a very economical fuel consumption which is 1 liter to 27 km (mirage japan), whereas for the mirage fuel consumption in Indonesia is 1:21 (1 liter to 21 Km), mitsubishi mirage in Indonesia to be the most economical car in the class beat Honda Brio city car, Suzuki Splash and Daihatsu Sirion.
Carrying the concept of eco city car easy convenience and fun to drive, mitsubishi mirage will not compete on capabilities or reliability of the machine but the car will compete on price, ease of use, efiesiensi fuel and driving pleasure. As a frugal city car mitsubishi mirage can not be equated with honda jazz that has a capacity of 1500 cc engine has a power of 120 ps (much larger than the mirage), even mirage is also not comparable with the Honda Brio city car that carries the ECO from honda 1300 cc engine capable of generating a maximum power of 100 ps / 6,000 rpm. Mitsubishi Mirage has a maximum power of 77 ps at 6000 rpm, to power cars of 1300 cc diesel engine is pretty good, compared to the cars panther or other diesel engines that only 80-85 Ps while the engine above 2000 cc, the engine mitsubishi mirage has optimal.
Mitsubishi Mirage has 3 variants of the GLX, GLS and Exceed mirage which is available in two options of manual and automatic transmissions, manual transmission for those who love to select the type of mirage GLX matic transmission, while fans can choose mirage GLS and Exceed, Exceed Mirage exclusively for transmission system used is the CVT transmission (Continuously Variable Transmission) or INVECS III.
Best variant of Mitsubishi Mirage Mirage is in the type variant Exceed while below it is the bottom of the variant GLS AT and MT held by Oleg GLX, mitsubishi mirage to exceed the price of 165 million dollars while the GLS AT mirage price is 152 million dollars and the price mirage GLX MT the least expensive 139 million dollars. Price Mitsubishi Mirage car relatively competitive level city car for the cheapest variant mirage adrift Rp. 10 Jt. cheaper than the cheapest variant honda brio which is priced at 149 million dollars. Mitsubishi mirage as the main rival city car is a 1200 cc KIA Picanto, Kia picanto which itself is a city car Kia motors output that has a cylinder capacity of 1000cc and 1250 cc engine, Kia Picanto 1:25 is sold for 129 million dollars the manual transmission and 141 million matic variants, the power generated by 67 cc Picanto 1000 Kia Picanto whereas Ps 1:25 (1250 cc) can produce power up to 87 ps at 6000 rpm ..

Engine Specifications and Mitsubishi Mirage is:
* Dimensions car length x width x height (mm): 3710 x 1665 x 1490
* Turning radius of car: 4.4 m
* The distance between the axis of the wheel: 2450 mm

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