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Reading the Tire Size Code Type Cars

Reading the Tire Size Code Type Cars - Adult is becoming increasingly complicated, some car owners do not even understand the specifications carefully tires he used. The following will discuss the specifications of automobile tires, type, code, maximum load and tire modifications appropriate to the type of vehicle.
Car tires are generally classified into 3 types namely bias tires, radial tires and tires without tubes.
Differences in bias and radial tires on the belt and the breaker is used in the inner layer of rubber tires, bias tires for belt and used breaker made from yarn / textile belt radial tires while the breaker is used and made from wire, these differences greatly affect the ability of muted impact on radial tires which have the ability to absorb impact better than bias tires. Tires without tubes or tubeless tire is a tire that does not require an inner tube, tire kontruksinya the most complicated.
Seeing Triangle TWI on Tires

Indicator / TWI code triangle on the tire is the tire minimum thickness limit, so if the tires have been used and thinned until it reaches the TWI these tires should be replaced immediately, delay replacement tires in these conditions will result in a fatal case such as tire burst and leak.
Reading Year Ban
Year of manufacture automobile tires is an important thing to consider when we choose car tires, car tires that are too long in the store will decrease the quality of the tire where the rubber elasticity is reduced, there is a rift on rubber tires, and the tires are worst off or not functioning normally . Some due to bad tires that are too long / old is not able to adhere to the road where the tires as normal, not able to carry the load as normal tires, not able to be driven at the maximum speed of the tire. Ban the use of which is too old to make the car a less than ideal and at worst can result in injury to the user.
Manufacture of car tires can be seen from the manufacturing code, this code contains 4 digit number for example in the image above (with the triangle located under TWI). The first two-digit code in the manufacture of automobile tires in the picture above shows the week to 42 car tires are made while the last two digits indicate the year in which the image above for a code 10 in 2010 so it can be recognized that the above car tires made in november of 2010.
Measure Car Tire Load Index

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