Sunday, June 23, 2013

Excellence Nissan X-Trail Facelift 2500cc

Excellence Nissan X-Trail Facelift 2500cc

SUV various fields should be permitted on the All New Nissan X-Trail, was first issued in 2001 and then changed to a facelift in 2009 made this car more attractive. Nissan X-trail has a tough concept SUV 2500cc engine and high ground clearance to support heavy field trip, but the suspension of this car is second to none for kela SUV, very fine suspension as the sedan suspension is embedded in the All New
Nissan X Trail. This car is very comfortable to drive in urban areas because of the soft suspension can also be used for travel on uneven terrain because it supported a high ground clearance, powerful 2,500 cc engine and CVT transmission system is the latest technology of automatic transmission system.

The exterior design of the Nissan x trail. Like the other SUV exterior design concept of this car is designed manly / strong impressive this car is an SUV, support high ground clearance and the number of lighting equipment on this car impressive this car is ready to be driven on rough terrain in the darkness of night. Namely a pair of fog lights embedded in the front bumper is ready to divide the evening mist, a pair of lights on the top of the car roof rails ready to highlight and provide uniform illumination, 3 kinds of taillights lighting supports the driver when the car is running backwards, and the front headlights mode which has a day / night to complement this car.

Nissan X-trail interior is very plush, soft upholstery pad covering the entire dashboard to the door panels make the car seem soft and luxurious. Chrome also coat interior parts such as steering angle, audio angle, gear lever panel, and side-by-side front air conditioning all of which wrapped in chrome to give the impression of sporty and luxurious. Material is also made very good seats available in a choice of two types of leather for the top X trail. Car with 5 passengers luggage also provides a unique design so it can load heavy goods bermedan to travel very well, with modern baggage cover and the trunk drawers enhanced with shock absorbers make this car ready trunk used to carry items to the maximum and safe.
Car cooler or air conditioner this car very much, other than the front seats, there are 4 cold air blower (blower) on line Kedia mobi

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