Sunday, June 23, 2013

System Suspension Mobil

System Suspension Mobil - Suspension car often referred as the foot-foot a car, some types of cars has a system suspension who different for example types of cars niaga differ with car sedan or SUV or MPV. Besides differ on each type of automobile, system suspension between variants variants one with who another for example for car MPV suspension systems between kijang years 90 late differ with Innova, this difference have an impact on comfort passenger and the ability cars dampen of shock which posed by road surface who not average . Here are reviews detail from suspension car

Systems vehicle suspension located between the vehicle body and wheel-wheels, and designed to absorb a surprise from the surface the road so that adds to comfort. Suspension components consists from springs, shock absorber, ball joint, stabilizer, bar, strut bar, suspension arm, bumper. Types of suspension is divided into 3 namely Suspension an Independent, Rigid axle and Special suspension with classification on the image below:

Pegas made ​​of steel and serves to absorb a surprise from surface the road and vibration wheels-wheel in order not into body.
a. Pegas Coil

b. Pegas Daun

c. Pegas Batang Torque

Shock absorber serves to muffle oscillation (movement go up-down) spring-loaded when receiving a surprise from the surface the road.

How it Works Shock absorber.
On section inside shock absorber telescopic gotten the liquid special who called oil shock absorber.
Moment Compression Valves open, oil can be flowing with easily so it does not happen damping.

Moment Expansion Valves a closed, oil flowing through the orifice (small hole) so that occurs the damping.

Type Shock Absorber
a. Classification According to How it Works
* Shock absorber single working (single action)

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